Slovak Arthroplasty Register
University Hospital Martin
Kollárova 2
036 59 Martin
Slovak Republic


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Information on SAR


On January 1st 2003, the Slovak Arthroplasty Register was officially launched, with the aim of keeping a precise record of all primary and revision hip arthroplasty operations carried out and following and statistically evaluating their results.

Many discussions and negotiations took place before the realisation of this project. In September 2001, this project was presented at the 1st Orthopaedic Symposium in Dolný Kubín and approved by the committee of the Slovak Orthopaedic and Traumatological Society (SOTS); at the same time, a SAR work group was created. Three months later, in Bratislava, further points in this programme were discussed at the meeting of the SOTS committee with the EFORT coordinator. Following negotiations in Bern, with the requirement of working with the MEM (Maurice Müller Foundation) register, the first problems with the creation of the SAR were revealed. The technical standards and the requirements of this institution exceed by far the common standards, and so no agreement on cooperation was made.

It took approximately one year of preparation for the registry to be launched. In January 2002, after creating the registry forms with the data required on primary and revision operations (based on the EAR basic data set) and recording the network of Slovakia-wide sites in April 2002, a test operation began in December, followed on January 1st 2003 by the register’s official launch. During the course of 2004, work began on electronic means of sending data. After entering data from 2003 and 2004, the transfer to electronic data entry is planned.

Participation in the SAR project was originally based on the voluntary cooperation of all 36 registered orthopaedic and traumatological sites. After contacting and sending primary and revision record forms which could also be downloaded from the Internet, participation in the project gradually increased. There was a better response noted from orthopaedic sites, which participated with a 90% rate during the first year of SAR’s activity (up to December 31st 2003). Traumatological sites showed a significantly lower commitment, where only 6 out of 15 of these medical facilities sent the stated record forms. After the publication of a directive by the Ministry of Health, which introduced the compulsory sending of record forms from October 1st 2004, the sending of record forms was improved. During the course of 2004, participation increased, not only from orthopaedic sites (100%) but also from traumatological sites (81%).


The SAR centre is the Orthopaedic Clinic of University Hospital Martin in Martin. The smooth running of the register is ensured by the register’s staff, which is made up of a doctor responsible for the register and one administrative worker.

  • head SAR – senior consultant MUDr. Libor Nečas, PhD.
  • assistant – Janka Uhlárová
  • statistic – Doc. PaedDr. RNDr. Stanislav Katina, Phd